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Be Part of a Talented and Committed Team

After many years, we’ve learned that the most talented healthcare professionals are in constant demand. Our clients’ challenges represent enriching opportunities for professional growth.

One of our top priorities is to create the right conditions for professionals to work in satisfying environments and develop their capacities even further. To achieve this, we are equally selective with both our clients and candidates.

If you feel that you are an exceptional talent in your chosen healthcare field, we would love to meet you.


A Solution for Every Profile

Are you looking for that ideal assignment or interested in upgrading your career with a new opportunity? TSC has a wide array of working arrangements to suit most needs.

Opportunities are everywhere for the professionals that are willing to work hard and provide unparalleled service. Medical and dental facilities are always experiencing unanticipated crises related to staff turnover. In that very moment, we act and provide highly-capable individuals that are able to deliver results.

Once you have completed a candidate profile along with your resume, the TSC team will meet with you to help determine the best opportunities for your career—whether extra shifts or an entirely new position.


Dental Staffing Opportunities

 Medical Staffing Opportunities






Why use TSC?

• Our Talent Concierge Model

• You don’t have to carry any liability insurance

• Resume Review

• Career Coaching

• Professional Development Activities

• Flexible Assignments

• Weekly Pay

• Healthcare Insurance (After 1000 hours)

• One week of Paid Vacation (After 1000 hours)

• Direct Hire Placement


Job Opportunities for Healthcare Professionals

• Registered Nurses

• Licensed Vocational Nurses

• Medical Assistants

• Respiratory Therapists

• Certified Nursing Assistant

• Physician Assistants

• X-Ray Technicians

• Physical Therapists

• Phlebotomists

• Dental Hygienists

• Dental Assistants

• Office Managers

• Receptionists and Assistants

Contact us today to explore new opportunities!